Business analyst – AMP

Interactive and useful seminar, really helped me understand myself and how I currently communicate/miscommunicate and potentially improve my personal and professional communication.

Nai-ying BA AMP 3 day PCM 26/09/2016

Senior police officer

Course was excellent, worth the time. Both trainers Corinne & Ilona were exceptional, knew the content and knew how to apply it to the situation.

3 day PCM - April 16 26/09/2016


PCM training from start to end was fantastic, met new people, found it challenging and fun.

Daniel 3 day PCM - April 16 28/09/2016

Family day care owner

I’ve never cared for “labelling” and competition between psychological personalities as to me there is a “high” & a “low” in the personality structure so I was extremely reluctant to do PCM. I found that PCM has that value where no personality type is better or worse. It was time well spent. Many thanks.

Terese 3 day PCM - July 15 28/09/2016

Chiropractor – business owner

Being in the health profession it is important for me and my team to individualise the way we communicate with our patients. Corrine has helped me and my business apply the PCM model for personal growth and better patient experience in our clinic.

Our patients have a more positive relationship with their Doctor. This has meant they have a more positive experience each time they come in to the clinic. Corinne has the ability to to make the whole learning experience positive and help everyone feel good about their character traits and hence be open to the learning. I would highly recommend Corinne as your PCM coach.

Dr Hooman Zahedi PCM 3 day May 16 28/09/2016

Dr Dahdah – Chiroprator

Enjoyed better understanding all the personality types. How to communicate & motivate more effectively. Great presenters. Thank you very much.

Dr Dahdah Key to Me - Aug 16 28/09/2016

Secretary to doctors

PCM is relevant to individuals, groups & basically all members of society. Positive experience, throughly enjoyed the delivery of information. Both presenters were very knowledgable in all areas & this was demonstrated particularly through discussions.

Sonya Key to Me - Aug 16 28/09/2016

Theresa – Senior nurse palliative care, Seven Day Adventist Hospital

Well structured, easy to follow and very informative. I cannot fault anything. I found this course very confronting because I have personally been going through a stressful time. I feel like I have gained a better understanding of myself and I’m very keen to continue my education growth in this area.

Theresa Senior nurse Sydney 10/07/2018

David – Muir Mechanics

Structure was excellent, on time and organised. Content interesting and thought provoking. I also enjoyed the interaction with the class and observing their input.

David Owner 10/07/2018

Lucy – Content Manager NSW Department of Education

Structure of material just right to get the most out of it while accommodating each communication style. Content, clear and concise. The discussions really made the concepts sink in. The PCM experience has helped me understand myself and communicate with my colleagues, friends and family more effectively. I’m looking forward to exploring more as I practise my PCM2 insights.

Advance PCM course.

Lucy Content Manager NSW Department of Education Sydney 10/07/2018

Kylie – TV Producer Channel 7 and SBS

Content informative and insightful in a relaxed and open environment. My seminar experience was fun, met great people and learnt a lot. Everybody should do this course!

Kylie Producer TV production Sydney 10/07/2018

Eva – Social Media Manager NSW Department of Education

I thought the training was powerful. Definitely made me think about my own behaviours and identifying behaviours in others. Thank you so much for the three days, definitely the most effective management training programme that I have completed to date. This will help me for life.

Eva Social Media Manager Sydney 10/07/2018

Chris – Digital Manager NSW Department of Education

I found it very insightful to see my profile and then later to see my colleagues profile. I find myself thinking about the profiles a lot. I missed the second class but was able to catch up quickly.  I really enjoyed the course. I find the kind of reflection that the course encourages to be really interesting and I especially liked having a channel to talk and think in this way with my work colleagues. I think it helps us understand ourselves a bit better, realise our differences to each other, accept them and even appreciate them.

Chris NSW Department of Education 10/07/2018