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Schools resilience and soft skills program

Mental well-being 12 month schools training package

Schools are experiencing higher levels of stress, mental wellbeing, and workplace culture problems.

According to Australian research, principals and teachers report the highest level of occupational stress in Australia, the United Kingdom and America. The University of Western Australia (opens in new tab).

This program is about providing practical, long lasting organisational resilience to equip schools to deal with the increasing issues being reported by media regarding stress, anxiety, bullying and depression which relates to both staff and students. There is also the lack of recognition and hidden 24/7 expectations placed on principals and teachers in our modern technological society. The Sydney Morning Herald reported the Australian government wants to shake up the education industry with the debate now on the importance and value of teaching soft skills (opens in new tab).

In Training Lab’s 12 month mental wellbeing program your staff will learn a combination of leading communication programs, tailored educational soft skills training and how to use digital communications technology.

Process Communication Model® (PCM) and Leading out of Drama® (LOD)

Process Communication Model® and Leading out of Drama® are not just leadership and communication courses, or change management tools, conflict resolution tools, or assessment tools. They are all of these. Both programs are reliable, international premier professional development courses that are based on human behaviour and are being used by leading corporations and educational institutions to resolve the issues and negative impact that happens when principals, teachers and students go into distress and experience conflict.

We train PCM and LOD as part of our school 12 month program as we know these communication and conflict resilience skills can be used immediately and with successful results.  By integrating Training Lab’s mental wellbeing program into your school, you will be able to build positive personal connections and have effective communication with your teachers, school staff, parents, primary and secondary students.

A validated training method on how to:

  • Assess the preferred communication styles of staff and students based on their behaviours, word choice, and body language.

  • Recognise distress patterns and skilfully defuse difficult situations before tension escalates.

  • Improve motivation by using the eight psychological needs of all human beings.

  • Learn how to recognise and set up the school environment to support teacher and student psychological needs, mental agility and wellbeing.

Performance measurability and return on investment

At Training Lab we hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of our programs. We have a confidential, easy to implement system measuring:

  • Key areas staff want to track and see improvement.

  • Areas teachers have less energy to deal with at the beginning of the program compared to the end.

  • Training outcomes against the applicable NSW Government People Matters survey.

As Google’s research has indicated improving soft skills in staff is a crucial avenue to the success of an organisation. In partnering with the school we will support the principal and staff to understand and validate the return on investment when: stress and anxiety have decreased and time management, commitment and performance in the school has improved.

How the schools’ organisational transformation program works:

The yearly program is implemented across school networks including public and private schools. Suitable for the executive leadership teams, teachers and staff. We also have a student leadership program.

Program includes:

  1. Process Communication Model 1 day Key to Me course.  (View the Process Communication Model page for full details on the course).

  2. Personality Profile Inventory ® per participant.

  3. 2nd day focusses on setting up your school environment for success in areas of motivating yourself, staff and students. Dealing with difficult people, Drama Resilience Assessment ® and digital training and tools to assess and implement your 12 month mental wellbeing plan.

  4. Leading out of Drama ® 2.0 Core Concepts 1 day face to face training taken 1/2 way through the program: Staff will learn the principles and skills of Compassionate Accountability™ to help:

    • Negotiate change quicker and more smoothly

    • Increase safety and trust

    • Boost innovation

    • Enhance accountability

    • Improve engagement and participation

    • Develop leadership at all levels

  5. Mental wellbeing plan: Follow up 12 x 40 minute group webinar meetings with Training Lab clients. These mini workshops focus on sustainability and implementation of your mental wellbeing plan to look at how to improve your wellbeing in all areas of your life.

  6. Tailored action based on the Personality Profile Inventory (PPI) for each participant. (If the Leadership for Students training is implemented the minimum age is 12 to take the online questionnaire). The profile used is what NASA invested in for the selection of astronauts and is trusted and used by Australian surgeons and medical staff in their training.

  7. End of financial year event combined with corporates and individuals who have also completed the PCM training and programs.  

  8. Process Communication Model ® App.

  9. Access to a list of online digital tools, techniques, hints, tips and blog.

  10. Less application paperwork as Training Lab is on the approved NSW government suppliers list, has vendor number with NSW Department of Education and in the process of registering with NESA (opens in new tab)

Cost of the yearly package:

The Process Communication Model ® 3 day course costs $2700 + GST per person. Training Lab has looked at how to add value so that schools can benefit and see a real shift in embedding the soft skills training into their school and regional area.

To do this we are offering schools the 3 day training course plus all the added extra workshops, tailored yearly action plan per participant, end of financial year event, digital resources, return on investment measurement, case study and the special Leading out of Drama ® program with quarterly personal and team conflict resilience tracking metrics for $2,700 + GST for the 12 month package.

Criteria of booking:

  • Minimum number of 30 staff to be booked and confirmed for the scheduled 3 day program for schools.

  • School, department or regional area to arrange and cover the costs of the training room hire and catering.

  • Registration will be booked securely online through Training Lab’s booking system and then access would be granted per participant to the secure online PCM questionnaire.

  • Invoice can be sent to each individual school or to the department.

  • For training outside of Sydney, travel costs are extra for two facilitators.

  • Follow up workshops will be school based so will be joined with other schools, regions and department staff.

  • For an extra $250 staff can choose to attend the advertised public course in Sydney instead of the dedicated schools’ course if staff need to cancel or change dates (*only if availability permits).

  • If a no-show, late cancellation or the public course is not available, rather than charge a cancellation fee we would like all confirmed staff to have the opportunity to learn these skills so a group ‘PCM Key to Me’ consultation can take place on one of the workshop days for the staff that were booked and unable to attend the 3 day course, at no extra cost. conditions apply *

Process Communication Model ®: Key to Me 1 day course.

Core Topics will enable the user to develop a foundation of adaptive communication skills. This foundational course teaches individuals to better understand themselves, identify negative stress indicators, and how to motivate yourself and others. Through constructive communication strategies, you will learn how to manage your own behaviours and that of others. You will learn the process to return to positive and productive communication. Course will be 50% theory and 50% exercises; taught in an entertaining and engaging way. No prerequisites.

PCM Key to Me is a 1 day course and includes:

  • your tailored Personal Profile Inventory

  • comprehensive digital sent workbook.

  • detailed Key To Me report

  • PCM mobile app

Leading Out of Drama® (LOD): 1 day face to face program

Next Element’s Leading out of Drama ® system is the vehicle that delivers Compassionate Accountability. LOD equips you with skills to transform the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution, every day, in every interaction, for powerful personal and professional development. Don’t shy away from conflict; use it!

Do you Experience

  • Unproductive meetings?

  • Gossip?

  • Strained relationships?

  • Lack of accountability?

  • Difficult performance conversations?

  • Passive-aggressive behaviour?

  • Absenteeism and low engagement?

  • Resistance to change?

Do You Want To

  • Increase self-awareness and personal responsibility to stop drama?

  • Facilitate positive conflict to ignite innovation and ownership?

  • Hold people and yourself accountable while preserving dignity?

  • Enhance your positive influence, credibility, and authenticity?

  • Transform difficult conversations into learning opportunities?

  • Break free from unhealthy relationship dynamics?

  • Improve internal and cross-functional team performance?

  • Improve team morale and productivity?

  • Become a better facilitator, trainer, coach, or mentor?


Contact to discuss

Next available courses

Who is this for:

Principal, teachers and education department staff who have approval and would like to attend.

October 2019 dates: The NSW Department of Education Port Macquarie October 2019 dates are now open. Availability is limited. Please forward on to interested schools and approved staff.

Day 1: Thursday 24 October 2019 (PCM Key 2 Me ®)
Day 2: Friday 25 October 2019 (Mental well-being workshops)
Day 3: Wednesday 25 March 2020 (Leading out of Drama ®)

Location: Rydges Port Macquaire NSW

March 2020 program dates:

Day 1: Thursday 26 March 2020 (PCM Key 2 Me ®)
Day 2: Friday 27 March 2020 (Mental wellbeing workshops)
Day 3: Wednesday 16 September 2020 (Leading out of Drama ®)

Who can attend: These programs have been organised in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education’ northern region Principal School Leaders, directors and school principals. In the interest of collaboration and depending on availability the school leaders have agreed invite other school leaders and staff outside of Port Macquarie area.

Why use Training Lab?

We are a registered vendor with NSW Department of Education for state office and schools and currently applying for NESA accreditation.

Cindy Sciberras – Director, Leadership and Communication NSW Department of Education

This is a fantastic and fully engaging course which has engrossed and excited staff participants. I have a greater respect and appreciation for the staff as a result of doing this course with the team. 

We work in times of constant change and we all need to build our resilience.  Training Lab’s prorgram is a great tool to help teams connect and will provide lots of “glue” to keep teams together as they grapple with the demands of the job.

From a staff perspective, I can see how the PCM course is helping to build a better sense of collegiality and connection, and a more positive and nurturing culture.  Staff are reporting that they are also taking the skills home and utilising them to improve personal relationships. 

From my own perspective,  I believe I have good instincts with people however this course has given me so much extra.  I particularly like the focus on distress patterns and ways we can engage with staff to bring them back to an OK space.

Corinne McDevitt is a gifted and natural trainer, presenter and facilitator and provides a safe environment for participants to open up if they wish to and share experiences that help all of us better understand the material

I would highly recommend Training Lab’s program to others.

Cindy Sciberras – Director, Leadership and Communication (Communication and Engagement Directorate)
NSW Department of Education. 2018 department program.

Sample of the team profile page you would receive with individually named graphs. If you consent on the registration form your named graph will be included on the team profile page and handed out during the course. Participants find the team profile page highly beneficial to their training. No other personal information is conveyed.

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