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Process Communication Model ®

The success of our relations depends on the quality of our communication...

We understand that it can be difficult to effectively communicate with all the different people we encounter each day, especially when things are going wrong. Process Communication Model ® (PCM) training is a leading premier tool that is based on human behaviour. It enables the user to understand how and why people communicate.

PCM can be used in every aspect of one's life, in personal and business interactions. The core of PCM training is learning to identify your own and another person's preferred communication styles, psychological needs, behaviours and other characteristics

Process Communication Model® makes it easy to understand:

  • your own behaviour when communicating

  • other people’s behaviour and why they prefer to communicate the way they do

  • the best method to use when you and others are demotivated

  • conflict and miscommunication that leads to distress

  • how to best deal with conflict and return to effective communication. 

You will learn how to:

  1. Assess the preferred communication styles of others based on their behaviours, word choices, and body language.

  2. Recognise predictable distress patterns in yourself and others, and skilfully defuse difficult situations before tension escalates.

  3. Improve motivation in yourself and with teams by using the 8 psychological needs of all human beings.

  4. Set up your work and home environment to improve your chances for success.

Process Communication Model 1: Core Topics - 3 day course

Core Topics will enable the user to develop a foundation of adaptive communication skills. This foundational course teaches individuals to better understand themselves, identify negative stress indicators, and how to motivate yourself and others. Through constructive communication strategies, you will learn how to manage your own behaviours and that of others. You will learn the process to return to positive and productive communication. Course will be 50% theory and 50% exercises; taught in an entertaining and engaging way. No prerequisites.

PCM 1 includes:

3 days of training: Attend the 3-day public course or book an in-house program for your organisation. The training can be conducted over 1 day a week, 3 days consecutively or 2 days and a follow up day.

  • your tailored Personal Profile Inventory

  • comprehensive manual

  • detailed Key To Me report

  • PCM mobile app

  • PCM kit

  • morning & afternoon tea

  • certificate of completion.

Process Communication Model 2: Advanced Topics - 3 day course

Participants will further explore the Process Communication Model ® and develop new skills for constructive conflict resolution, how to manage problematic relationships and how to find the best solutions. You will learn the types and stages of distress that lead to conflict, discover new insights of your own personality, apply tools for identifying the personality structure of others, and how to resolve conflicts. PCM 2 also focusses on decoding email communication and advertising strategies. Prerequisite is PCM 1 Core Topics.

PCM 2 Includes:

3 days of training: Attend the 3-day public program or book an in-house course. As per PCM 1, dates can be arranged as 1 day a week, 3 days consecutive or 2 days with a follow up day.

  • your Personal Profile Inventory failure patterns

  • comprehensive advance manual

  • PCM kit with advance cheat sheet

  • morning & afternoon tea

  • certificate of completion.

Process Communication Model Couples course

Key to Us Seminar: Give the gift to yourself and your partner by learning to understand and improve your self-awareness and awareness of your partner. A powerful couples course that can impact all areas of your life and relationship.

PCM Couples course includes:

6 hours of training either face to face workshop or divided up into 3 x 2 hour sessions.

  • detailed Key To Us report

  • couples workbook and exercises

  • tailored action plan for each partner

  • PCM mobile app

  • certificate of completion.


Next available Process Communication Model courses


PCM 1 Core Topics - 3 day course:

Currently Training Lab is only running internal programs for corporates, government, business and charities. We have no public courses planned. Please contact if you are interested in discussing options.

Cost: $2,600 + GST per person

Schools PCM program. School and department staff can book the next schools’ Process Communication Model 3 day course or contact to organise your own program:

Open to principals, teachers and education department staff northern NSW region program next available Process Communication Model 3 day course.

Principal, teachers and education department staff who have approval and would like to attend.

Phase 2 October 2019 dates: The NSW Department of Education Port Macquarie September 2019 dates are now open.

Day 1: Thursday 24 October 2019 (PCM Key 2 Me ®)
Day 2: Friday 25 September 2019 (Mental wellbeing workshops)
Day 3: Wednesday 25 March 2020 (Leading out of Drama ®)

Location: Port Macquarie city. Venue to be advised by the department.

Program 3 March 2020 dates:

Day 1: Thursday 26 March 2020 (PCM Key 2 Me ®)
Day 2: Friday 27 March 2020 (Mental wellbeing workshops)
Day 3: Wednesday 16 September 2020 (Leading out of Drama ®)

Location: Port Macquarie city. (NSW Department of Education to advise locations by end of March)

Who can attend: This program has been organised in conjunction with northern region public school principals for principals, teachers and department staff. In the interest of collaboration and depending on availability other state and regional staff are welcome to attend.

For details of program view Mental wellbeing program for schools

PCM Key to Me & private consultation

Do you want to access the PCM training and not able to attend the public course in Sydney. No worries. Training Lab provides private consultations using your Key to Me profile.

Cost: $950 + GST
Time: 4 hours or 2 hour sessions x 2, either face to face or via Zoom.

Contact to register and organise a suitable time

PCM Couples Key to Us course

Couples course is 5 hours or 2 hour sessions x 2 + 1hr follow up, either face to face or via Zoom.

Cost: $1800 per couple plus GST.

Contact to register and organise a suitable time