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Process Communication Model ® is not just a leadership and communication model, or a change management tool, conflict resolution tool, or a personality assessment tool. It's all of these. It is a reliable, international premier communications tool that is based on human behaviour and is being used by leading corporations to resolve the issues and negative impact that happens when managers and staff go into distress and underperform.

With Training Lab’s tailored programs, learn how to:

  1. Identify another person's primary, or "Base" personality type, primarily through the language that he or she uses, along with the unique communication styles, psychological needs, behaviours and other characteristics of each of the six personality types as part of the Process Communication Model training.

  2. Recognise predictable distress patterns in themselves and others, and skilfully diffuse difficult situations before tension escalates.

  3. Improve motivation in themselves and within teams by using the 8 psychological needs of all human beings.

  4. Learn how to recognise and set up your workplace environment to support staff psychological needs, mental agility and wellbeing at work.

How the organisational transformation program works:

The year program is suitable for executive level, management and staff and includes the following:

A validated training method on how to:

  • Assess the preferred communication styles of staff based on their behaviours, word choice, and body language.

  • Recognise distress patterns and skilfully diffuse difficult situations before tension escalates.

  • Improve motivation by using the 8 psychological needs of all human beings.

  • Learn how to recognise and use your work environment to support staff psychological needs, mental agility and wellbeing.

ISO performance measurability and return on investment tracking

‘90 percent of the respondents to a recent McKinsey Quarterlysurvey1 said that building capabilities was a top-ten priority for their organizations. Only a quarter, though, said that their programs are effective at improving performance measurably, and only 8 percent track the programs’ return on investment.’

As Google’s research has indicated improving communication skills is a crucial avenue to the success of an organisation. At Training Lab we hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes of our programs. We have a confidential easy to implement measurement system to

  1. Measure staff feedback against performance outcomes.

  2. Validate the return on investment when; stress and anxiety have decreased and time management, committment and performance has improved.

  3. Track key areas management and staff want see improvement in.

  4. Compare outcomes of the program against the NSW Government People Matters survey or internal performance management reports.

We work with experts in the area of ISO policy compliance to ensure the training program you receive will comply with the (ISO) International Organization for Standardization requirements.

Who is this for:

The year program can be implemented across small to large organisations with the leadership teams and staff. We have partnered with highly qualified licensed facilitators around Australian cities and internationally to deliver the same standards world-wide.

Program includes:

  1. Process Communication Model 3 day course.  (View the Process Communication model page for full details on the course)

    1. Can be conducted consecutively or on selected days.

  2. Personality Profile Inventory ® 

  3. PCM follow up ½ day workshops.

    1. Work culture problems: Stop internal conflict and workplace drama.

    2. Risk culture: Recognising distress patterns and effectively respond

    3. Mental wellbeing: Setting up your work, home and digital environment for success.

    4. Beyond work, how to improve your wellbeing in all areas of your life.

  4. Tailored action plan based on the Personality Profile Inventory for each participant. The profile information returned was used by NASA for the selection of astronauts and is also used by Australian surgeons and medical staff.

  5. End of year financial event combined with an invite to local schools as part of the partnering of leadership between corporates and schools program plus individuals who have also completed Training Lab programs.

  6. Access to a list of online digital tools, techniques, eLearning and communication blogs.

  7. Process Communication Model App.

  8. Training matched to performance review or NSW Public Sector Capability Framework - Public Service Commission

  9. Working with selected champions to ensure the skills are sustained throughout your organisation.

Cost of the yearly program:

The Process Communication Model 3 day course costs $2600 + GST per person. Training Lab has looked at how corporates and government departments can capitalise on the benefits of investing in staffs’ mental health, wellbeing and communication skills and see a real shift in embedding these skills throughout your organisation.

To do this we are offering the 3 day PCM course plus all the added extra workshops, yearly action plan, event, digital resources, return on investment measurements, case study flexibility with staff cancellations for the same cost as the public PCM course provided booking criteria is met.

Criteria of booking:

  • Minimum number of 50 staff to be booked and confirmed for the scheduled 3 day Process Communication Model ® course.

  • Government department or company to arrange and cover the costs of the training room hire and catering.

  • Registration will be booked securely online through Training Lab’s booking system and then access would be granted to the secure online PCM questionnaire.

  • For training outside of Sydney travel costs are extra for two facilitators. (View booking and cancellation conditions costs.)

  • For an extra $250 staff can choose to attend the advertised public course in Sydney instead of the dedicated organisations’ course if staff need to cancel or change dates (*if availability permits).

  • If a no-show, late cancellation or the public course is not available, rather than charge a cancellation fee we would like all confirmed staff to have the opportunity to learn these skills so a PCM Key to Me consultation can take place on one of the workshop days for the staff that were booked and unable to attend the 3 day course at no extra cost or they can choose to do the Key 2 Me consultation.

Effective immediately:

The Process Communication Model ® skills can be used immediately.  By integrating PCM and our program into your workplace culture, you will be able to enable managers and staff to build positive personal connections and have effective communication amongst stakeholders, managers and staff.


Process Communication Model (PCM 1): Core Topics - 3 day course

PCM 1 will enable the user to develop a foundation of adaptive communication skills. This foundational course teaches individuals to better understand themselves, identify negative stress indicators, and how to motivate yourself and others. Through constructive communication strategies, you will learn how to manage your own behaviours and that of others. You will learn the process to return to positive and productive communication. Course will be 50% theory and 50% exercises; taught in an entertaining and engaging way. No prerequisites.

PCM 1 includes:

3 days of training: Attend the 3-day public program or book an in-house course that can be conducted over 1 day a week, 3 days consecutively or 2 days and a follow up day.

  • your tailored Personal Profile Inventory

  • comprehensive manual

  • detailed Key To Me report

  • PCM mobile app

  • PCM kit with cheat sheet and note book

  • certificate of completion.

GM Financial's Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President, Chris Burt, invested in Process Communication Model. (USA PCM team)

Highly recommend!  My senior team recently completed a workshop on the Process Communication Model (PCM). HR Leaders can be a skeptical lot, especially as it relates to profiles, leadership, and communication (things we typically regard ourselves as being good at). However, this program opened up some doors for us that far exceeded our expectations. 

The work and post training results that we realized through our PCM training, was the most beneficial personal and professional development investment we made in our senior leadership team during my tenure as Chief Human Resources Officer at GM Financial! PCM went far beyond DISC, MBTI, or many other models out there. It has become a part of the language of our organization.

When I was considering to invest in this training my major barrier was,….how do I get my senior staff away from their jobs for three days!?  My senior staff are geographically dispersed, incredibly busy, and the associated costs in pulling it off.  However, after the completion of this training it is an investment that “hands down” I would invest in again!  

Through this investment the team was able to blow through roadblocks that had inhibited higher levels of productivity, healthy conflict, achieving meaningful strategic outcomes, and undertaking creative redesign of our way of “thinking”. 

What I liked most was how the course dealt with leadership experience in high risk, high tempo environments and the unique ability to apply the concepts such that they have direct and immediate application in our world.

I highly recommend any organization to invest in this training if they want to genuinely take their leadership to the next level! 

Chris Burt, SPHR, SCP 
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at GM Financial

We are on the approved  NSW Government supplier list.

We are on the approved NSW Government supplier list.

PCM 1 public dates - 3 day course:

Day 1: Thursday 7 March 2019
Day 2: Friday 8 March 2019
Day 3: Saturday 9 March 2019

Location: Work Club Sydney Barangaroo
AddressSuite 6.01, Level 6/201 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000

Cost: $2,600 + GST per person
Early bird special:
Book by 24 December 2018 receive $500 off.

PCM Key to Me & private consultation

Do you want to access the PCM training and not able to attend the public course in Sydney. No worries. Training Lab provides private consultations using your Key to Me profile.

Cost: $950 + GST
Time: 4 hours or 2 hour sessions x 2, either face to face or via Zoom.

Contact to register and organise a suitable time