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The Process Communications Model (PCM) training was very valuable to myself and my staff in Strategic Communications.

My staff completed the course in order to ensure effective communication with internal and external clients and to assist us to work effectively as a high performing team.

Corinne is an excellent facilitator, she created and maintained an atmosphere of trust and respect throughout the course. She demonstrated high emotional intelligence and engages participants in a meaningful manner. Sensing how people are feeling and understanding how to respond to a particular situation is a critical skill of facilitation – and one, which Corinne excels in.

As a Director in government, and holding various degrees and diplomas, I am not new to learning or to staff development. However the feedback from my staff has been that this course has changed the way they work and the way they deliver to clients in such a positive manner that they all want to complete PCM2.

Not only has PCM assisted me in the workplace but I also believe that this course has increased my communication with family and friends in my everyday personal life.

I thoroughly recommend this course and will be completing PCM2 with Training Lab as a result with my staff.
— Claire Beattie - Director Strategic Communication| NSW Department of Education
This is the only personality profile that actually works. Well done, and thanks for teaching a more meaningful way to communicate.
I was so impressed with the seminar, this is the most valuable communications course I have ever taken. This is the only personality profile that actually works. Well done and thanks for teaching me a more enlightened way to communicate.
— Sophie - Senior School Communication and Engagement Officer | NSW Department of Education

Training Lab and PCM program provided valuable insights into not just myself but the people I live and work with. I feel I can lift my leadership to a new level and hopefully draw even greater things from the people I work with.
— Lisa | Principal | Public School NSW
Fantastic fully engaging. I can now see why you were so enthusiastic about this. I could honestly say I usually get fidgety in courses but this engaged me from start to finish. Thank you so much for telling me about PCM and persisting until an opportunity opened up. I feel like I have good instincts with people but this has given me a terrific booster to go that step further. I particularly like the fact that with further practice I will be able to invite people out of distress and as a manager of people that is gold!
— Cindy - Director, Culture and Change | NSW Department of Education

Interesting concepts and relatability to both work and private life. Good to consider both my profile and that of my colleagues. Thinking how I might put things into practice with clients. A lot to take in, I want to take time out to review and let things sink in.
— Jeremy - Content strategist | NSW Department of Education

Well structured, easy to follow and very informative. I cannot fault anything.
I found this course very confronting because I have personally been going through a stressful time. I feel like I have gained a better understanding of myself and I’m very keen to continue my education growth in this area.
— Therese - Snr palliative care nurse 17/6/17
Structure was excellent, on time and organised. Content interesting and thought provoking. I also enjoyed the interaction with the class and observing their input
— David - Muir Mechanics 17/6/17
Structure of material just right to get the most out of it while accommodating each communication style. Content, clear and concise. The discussions really made the concepts sink in. The PCM experience has helped me understand myself and communicate with my colleagues, friends and family more effectively. I’m looking forward to exploring more as I practise my PCM2 insights.
— Lucy | Content Manager | NSW Department of Education Sydney 10/07/2018
As promised I have had an opportunity to conduct a further debrief with management who attended both sessions of the recent Process Communications Model. Not surprising, overall, the feedback from the group was very positive and supportive. I have captured key comments for you both, to highlight the excellent program that you conducted for AFMA.

The presenters were excellent and tailored their communications appropriately to the audience. They engaged effectively with the audience and provided clear understandable concepts in a real life context.

The course was well structured and the three days spread across the three weeks allowed participants to digest/absorbed the information between sessions and apply it to the workplace.

The course was the one of the best they have attended and provided very clear easy to understand concepts that can be applied in a practical application.

Very beneficial course which has me think proactively how to engage and communicate effectively with my team and others across the agency.

I found the sessions relating to identifying distress indicators and mechanisms to counter such indicators very interesting and beneficial to my teams. I would like more training in this aspect of the program.

Everyone got something out of the sessions. Even those who at first were a little sceptical.

All got something out of the sessions. Great tool kit for managers.

The profiling was very interesting and accurate on an individual basis and has made me think differently when engaging and communicating with my staff.
— John Andersen A/g General Manager Corporate Services Branch | Australian Fisheries Management Authority | Summary from senior management on PCM training outcomes
Content informative and insightful in a relaxed and open environment. My seminar experience was fun, met great people and learnt a lot. Everybody should do this course!
— Kylie | TV Producer Channel 7 & SBS
PCM showed me how to understand my staff, students and community on an individual basis. How to identify their needs and cater to this. As a Deputy Principal I feel it will reduce my stress level as it will give me the knowledge and skills to better manage and support my staff and students. It has helped me understand who I am, my personality type - both strengths and areas to develop.
— Duncan | Deputy Principal 22/9/18
I thought the training was powerful. Definitely made me think about my own behaviours and identifying behaviours in others. Thank you so much for the three days, definitely the most effective management training programme that I have completed to date. This will help me for life.
— Eva | Social Media Manager Sydney 10/07/2018
Interactive and useful seminar, really helped me understand myself and how I currently communicate/miscommunicate and potentially improve my personal and professional communication.
— Nai-ying | AMP Business analyst 26/09/2016
Course was excellent, worth the time. Both trainers Corinne & Ilona were exceptional, knew the content and knew how to apply it to the situation.
— Senior police officer | 26/9/16
PCM training from start to end was fantastic, met new people, found it challenging and fun.
— Daniel | Landscaper 28/9/16
A fantastic and useful course, I believe it will make me a better employee, manager, leader and friend.
— Alex Hamilton | Snr Strategic Communications Officer | NSW Department of Education
What I like most is seeing my distressed patterns and why others behave the way they do (not to take things personally). A valuable insight into human behaviour and the importance of validation in the workplace. Thanks Corinne and Ilona. Very worthwhile experience. Feel like a “wiser soul” as a result of this course ☺
— Nicole | School Promotions Officer | NSW Department of Education
I really enjoyed connecting with the team and getting to know people better. I feel that this was a really interesting course where I learnt a lot about myself and my team. I can’t wait to try and put it into practice and to recharge my batteries. I hope that I might be able to break down some barriers that have been created through miscommunication I hope that people can view other people’s perspectives a little better. Thanks a million Corinne and Ilona.
— Shari | Senior Strategic Communications Officer | NSW Department of Education
It was a great mix of discussion activities movies etc. Fantastic course to get a deeper understanding of my colleagues, family and friends. It will make a big difference to how I communicate and interact with them. Love the cheat sheet, really appreciate the facilitators sharing their condos and personal stories about phasing it’s made it very real.
— Karen | Strategic Communications | NSW Department of Education
I like how much I learned about myself and how to deal with others. I would recommend this course to everyone that I know and I wish schools in Australia implemented this training. I have done similar training to this previously but this is definitely the best.
— Victoria | Lead Designer | NSW Department of Education
Course is well executed and timing was good not rushed. Both Corinne and Ilona were great trainers with evenly spaced training along with great scenarios and examples, explains well. The best course/training (Non-technical). Should be able to manage my stress and battery levels.
— Deepesh | Senior Web Developer Digital Services | NSW Department of Education
I have learnt skills and knowledge that I can take with me and apply to my personal and professional life and a different perspective understanding other people. Excellent course and professional trainers that are friendly and made content easier to understand. Would definitely recommend it to others.
— UX Designer | NSW Department of Education