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The Process Communication Model course, trusted globally, will teach you how to observe and analyse the verbal and non-verbal behaviours in others. PCM originated from a clinical model developed in 1972 by Dr Taibi Kahler

“Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world.” Bill Clinton

Why experience PCM?

  • How Process Communication Model (PCM) works

    PCM is a model for discovering and understanding our own personality as well as those of the people with whom we interact.

  • Communication is at the core of all human activity

    At work, home and play a good communication process builds relationships and encourages the best in yourself and others

  • Avoid miscommunication which can lead to

    disagreement, conflict, incomprehension and loss of motivation.

  • Understand WHY certain relationships are difficult

    Learn practical skills on HOW to effectively diffuse miscommunication and sabotaging behaviour from yourself and others

  • Trusted globally and continually surpasses expectations

    Over 1 million people from 38 countries and in 18 different languages have experienced PCM. Now Australians can too.

  • Training Lab is a nationally qualified provider of PCM

    We have trained federal and state government, corporates, small to medium business, individuals and children. Our focus is to support you to come away with practical ongoing skills to make your own life and others more enjoyable and also to give you the tools, techniques and action plan to powerfully implement these skills to achieve results.


Training Lab founder.

Corinne McDevitt

Corinne McDevitt

As the owner of Training Lab I came across PCM a number of years ago and was impressed with the integrity of the course, practical application and immediate results. My question was, if it was that good and achieved such high results, why was it not known in Australia? The fact is it has been available in Australia for over 12 years but conducted in-house by surgeons and medical teams who promoted it amongst themselves but not in the business world.

I met Dr Kahler and master trainers John Parr and Gerard Collingnon at PCM world conference in Japan and was blown away by their dignity, grace and phenomenal communication. Having trained kids at high risk through to corporates I could see that PCM was gold and would make a difference in Australia as it does globally.

Achievements: Fully qualified trainer specialising in Process Communication Model, content management systems and digital online accessibility.
Australian degree in business, marketing and Japanese language.
Won contract to train federal government department in web and digital communications. Trained “Careers, Education Employment for Women Programs”.
Commissioned to develop and run the WordPress course for seek.com company. Trained youth with high needs and small to medium business to build and update own website.
Training manager for Qantas and training NSW Department of Education staff.
Trainer of the year at TAFE NSW.
Interviewed by the daily telegraph for training youth at high risk at TAFE NSW. Undertook BA business degree in three countries Sydney Australia, West Virginia USA, Junshin Japan.


Where PCM is used.

Leadership & management.

PCM does not dismiss the importance of training in interpersonal skills or people management that you may have already undertaken. In fact, PCM unlocks the potential of everything you’ve learnt until now.


Sales and client relations.

PCM will teach you how to observe and analyse the verbal and non-verbal behaviours in others. It will enable you to adjust your own behaviours so you ensure you can communicate effectively even in the most highly pressured and conflict ridden situations.


PCM for everyone.

Without understanding how to communicate to individuals, you will inevitably fail to connect when it matters. Using the same approach for everyone leads to miscommunication. Miscommunication leads to disruptive behaviour and poor performance. PCM will help make you aware of what motivates and inspires you... and what motivates and inspires your people.


How often have you interviewed a candidate who ‘ticked all the boxes’ but didn’t fit into your organisation after they joined? Perhaps you had niggling doubts. Perhaps you didn’t see it coming. Once on board they were out of step, disruptive and affected everyone around them. PCM is the breakthrough in understanding if an individual will fit into your team.

Training Lab & PCM worldwide.

Training Lab is an Australian owned business, licensed by Kahler Communications Oceania Limited (KCO) to provide and train the Process Communication Model in Australia and New Zealand. Training Lab's partners are all accredited PCM providers.

Process Communication Model® (PCM) provides a wide spectrum of services to businesses and individuals in improving communication and stress management skills worldwide. The related intellectual property is owned by Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc (TKA).

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Sydney based, Australia wide.

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